Why It Is Called Pinehurst

by pinehursthomes on March 6, 2011

Every wonder where Pinehurst got its name?

Pinetrees in PinehurstWell actually I don’t really know the full answer to that question – though I will guess it has something to do with all the pine trees. The most favored of these trees is the Longleaf Pine. As its name describes it has longer than most pine trees and they also have larger than average pine cones.

When the needles fall and turn a reddish brown they are collected and used for ground cover. They provide a cover for the sandy soil and are low maintenance compared to a grass covered lawn.

The pine trees grow so well naturally  here because of the sandy soil. It is highly conducive to the root system of these trees.  Though I have no solid evidence I would suspect that Pinehurst’s name came from these evergreen trees.


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