Want to Retire in Pinehurst and Looking for the Real Estate Agent that will Work with You?

by pinehursthomes on January 19, 2011

You have decided that Pinehurst is where you want to Retire and now need a real estate agent the will work withFind Pinehurst Real Estate YOU!

As many people know there is an abundance of information on the internet for buyers and you can view all the homes available on the market and most people usually start looking online at homes before deciding on a real estate agent to assist them.

With all this information out there what can a real estate agent do for you?

For buyers we can guide you through the areas based on the type of neighborhood and house you are looking for. If you already know the community or  neighborhood you want, the agent can show you the homes that have sold or are under contract so you can see what the realistic prices are for your neighborhood of choice.

If you haven’t chosen the community or neighborhood yet, the real estate agent can help you choose an area based on your criteria. For example, in the Pinehurst area we have many golf communities as well as lake communities and equestrian communities. Some are gated and some are not. The homes you see on an internet site don’t often tell you what type of community they are in.

The real estate agent can also provide you with information on property taxes in the area, whether there are association fees or if a country club membership is required or available. The agent can also provide you with recent sales and the number of homes in a community so you can decide if it is realistic or desirable for your financial needs.

Not only can a real estate agent help you locate that perfect home in the area of your choice they can help you through the negotiations for getting the right price for the home. Negotiating for the amount of time that will be required for getting home inspections and financing is another way the real estate agent can assist you.

When you finally get a contract on your new home after successful negotiations the agent can then assist in setting up inspections and providing guidance as to what inspections are important for this home and go over any issues with you that might require repairs. The next step is negotiating repairs with the sellers and deciding what is a must fix and what is something you can live with and repair yourself. Sellers in the current real estate environment are usually willing to do what ever it takes to sell their home. However, buyers should be realistic and fair as to what they expect the seller to do. Cosmetic items are not usually considered repair issues and the seller may not be willing to accept a request to fix a cosmetic issue.

The agent can also guide you as to whether you want a survey or not. Surveys are not required in Pinehurst and all of North Carolina though they are recommended. It is ultimately the buyers choice and getting a survey can help prevent issues that could surprise you in the future.

In North Carolina attorneys are required to handle all closings and finding an attorney among the many available can be overwhelming. Most real estate agents know attorneys that are competent and fair and can give you a few names to narrow down your options.

As you get closer to closing you will need to set up utilities and services such as TV, phone and maybe even trash pick up. Your agent should get the providers available in the community so you can easily set up your new services.

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When looking to retire in Pinehurst be sure you find the real estate agent that will help you find that dream home and guide you through the home buying process.


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