Walking Your Dogs is Good for You & Good for them.

by pinehursthomes on November 21, 2010

Better yet, taking those bigger dogs for a run has awesome benifits.

trouble puppies

Too bad they don’t stay this innocent and little.

After the warm days of summer faded, I made a resolution to walk my dogs (much bigger than this now) on a regular basis. I have three, and that was a daunting undertaking. After a good two months of turning that walk into a run, I am really starting to notice the benefits for them and for me.

My dogs are in better shape. The two older ones have lost weight, and they love to go out. I also have lost weight. This is not the only result. I have noticed my mind focuses better, and not as bad at procrastinating, maybe because my energy level overall has improved.

I, for many years, have been an avid exerciser, but do to several injuries, and medical problems this year, I got out of the routine. So if you want to pick yourself up, get more done, and enjoy the day more, get out with your dogs, or just get up and start moving around. Don’t wait for the New Year to get started.


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