U.S. Kids Golf World Championships and World Cup in Pinehurst Aug. 4-7

by pinehursthomes on August 1, 2011

The U.S. Kids Golf World Championships and World Cup will begin Aug. 4th in Pinehurst and play will take place on a number of area golf courses. Click here for the 2012 post.

Pinehurst area golf courseThis is a picture of Pinehurst No. 4 which will host the boys age 12 group during the competition. This is arguably Pinehurst’s most lovely golf course especially in the spring when the azaleas are in bloom.

On course No. 3 in Pinehurst you will find the girls in the 12 age group.

The boys in the age 9 group will play on Pinehurst No. 8 which also hosted the PGA Club Professional Championship in 1998 and 1999.

Just a few minutes away from the Village of Pinehurst you will find Little River Golf Course on which  the boys age 9 group will play. Just take the Pinehurst circle to 15/501 and if a few miles the course will be on your right.

Midland Country Club which has a Pinehurst address, but is not part of the Pinehurst Country Club, will host the boys 6 and under and the girls 7 and under.

The boys 7 & 8 age groups will be at Mid Pines Golf Course which is down Midland Rd from the Pinehurst circle going towards Southern Pines.

The girls age 11 group will be on the Southern Pines Golf Course and the boys age 11 will play at Talamore. Both courses are in Southern Pines and a short drive from Pinehurst.

As the US Kids Teen group on July 31 finished out play on Pinehurst No.2 for the World Cub play offs – so will the boys and girls in the age 12 group get their chance on Sunday August 7, 2011.

Good luck to all the kids who qualified for this prestigious golf tournament to be played beginning Thursday this week and have fun in the practice rounds!


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