This Thank You Was So Awesome

by pinehursthomes on August 13, 2011

Recently I helped a couple purchase a lake property near Pinehurst. They got it for the price they wanted and I do believe they got a great deal. Now they can start building a dock for their boat and eventually a second home for the weekends.

The entire process only took about 3 weeks and they were very happy about getting the lot and how easy the process was.  And they did one of the nicest things – gave me a closing gift.

Gift from a client!This is a beautiful leather bag from their original home of Argentina. They have lived in the Pinehurst area for several years and really like living here. Now they have a nice new lake property close to their Pinehurst home to enjoy boating on the weekends.

I was personally touched by their kindness and compliments of the service given to them during the purchase of their new property. It is gratifying to not only close a deal, but more importantly that they clients were thrilled with my service.

I can’t wait for the opportunity to go out and show off my new leather Argentinian bag. I night out on the town in Pinehurst might just be the ticket!

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