Retire in Pinehurst – Why? Low Property Tax Rates

by pinehursthomes on November 29, 2010

Retire in Pinehurst as you might find property taxes more affordable than other areas.

Pinehurst area property tax chart

This is a chart of some of the areas in and around Pinehurst. Pinewild CC is in Pinehurst, and is separated because they were recently annexed into the Village of Pinehurst. I have lived in five states in the US, and this area has the most reasonable property tax rates.

Rates are based on the county’s assessed value of your home. The county can reassess every year, but usually here in Moore County, we are re-assessed every 7 years. Our last assessment was 2007.

Many who retire have a fixed income, and having low property taxes is another reason Pinehurst is a great place to retire.


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