Real Estate Sales in Pinehurst NC Continued to Improve in January

by pinehursthomes on February 26, 2013

Real estate home sales in the Pinehurst NC area continued improvement in January with a 12%+ increase over January 2012. This number reflects gross sales and the chart below shows how sales remained fairly flat since January 2010 until this year.

Pinehurst Area Real Estate sales

Gross sales for the Pinehurst area include the number of sales times the average price per home. January 2013 saw the largest number of homes sales since January 2007. However, the average price did see quite a dip, and this is why the chart isn’t showing a huge incline.

Pinehurst area home sales

However, seeing the number of homes sell and the prices going down is the reverse of what we saw at the top of the market, and this is an indication that we are seeing the bottom beginning to reverse, and hopefully within the next 12 months we will see Pinehurst area homes prices increase again.

It is still an excellent market for buyers, but home inventories are declining and available homes in Pinehurst and the surrounding communities will limit opportunities with the current low prices.

Pinehurst area real estate prices and homes on the market are going to vary between neighborhoods and price ranges. Contact me for more details or if you have questions about buying or selling homes in the area.

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