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by pinehursthomes on January 6, 2014

As a Pinehurst area real estate agent I get many questions.  This one has been asked many times before and again just recently.  What is the difference between a Townhome and a Condo?

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This is a townhome in Pinehurst.  Basically, the difference between a townhome and a condo is that with the townhome you own the exterior of the property and the land below the home and sometimes several feet from the foundation.  With a condo you own the interior walls and none of the exterior or any land with the property.

Different properties have restrictions as to what is covered by the association depending in many factors.  With a condo, usually the home owners association (HOA) will cover all exterior maintenance and repair including the roof and insurance.  Also, landscaping, sidewalk and road maintenance are covered with your HOA dues.

With a townhome, often times the exterior of the building is the home owner’s responsibility and the HOA cares for community property such as driveways, sidewalks and often times landscaping, but not always.  Roof replacement may be covered by the HOA for the life of the roof, but damage repairs for roofing are often the responsibility of the property owner.

What actually is considered community property is determined by each association, and your real estate agent should help you to determine the amenities and services covered by each individual association. Here in the Pinehurst area of NC we have several condo and townhome communities. Each with its own set of covenants and restrictions.

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