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by pinehursthomes on January 4, 2011

Recently I received an email from prospective clients about restrictions in some of the communities in the Pinehurst real estate market. The questions were as follows:

“We both liked the four golf course houses that you sent us.  Is Mid-South a gated community?  What’s your opinion about National as compared to Pinewild?  One other question:  we are both hoping that these communities all have stipulations in their CC&R’s that ban garage sales as well as ban parking of RV’s on the property or anywhere within the community.  Hopefully these issues have been addressed by each community.   Also; do the CC&R’s address limits on the number of dogs residents are allowed?  I would be interested in knowing the answer to this question as well.”

Pinehurst Pets

These nice folks want to be sure they are in a gated community with restrictions that will not be bothersome, unsightly or a nuisance. My answers were very straight forward and I think what they wanted to hear. All three of the communities Pinewild, National, and Mid South are very nice gated golf communities and one is not nicer than another. Each has their special amenities and each is equally desirable.

None of these communities allows RV’s or garage sales as they diminish what they believe to be unsightly or not fitting of the style of each respective community. And most of the gated communities have restrictions as to the number and type of pets a property owner can keep. Dogs and cats are allowed (and I’m sure birds if they are kept in their cage inside), but there are restrictions as to the number of these pets a home owner can keep.

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Most people have an idea of what type of community they want to live in. These are not the only communities available in the Pinehurst Real Estate market – they do have the restrictions this couple is looking for.


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