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by pinehursthomes on January 10, 2011

If buying Pinehurst NC real estate is in your future you may have a question about how does the membership work with the Country Club and Property Ownership. Below is a question I received from  prospective clients considering Pinehurst as their new home.

“Bruce wants to know if you have any listing on the Pinehurst golf course that are reasonable. He knows from reading about the golf course that you have to be a member to the course if you buy a house from there, right?  There are plenty of houses that are around Pinehurst that are not on the golf course, right? I know Bruce doesn’t want to go over $450,000.00 and that he wants about 2,500-3,000 sq.ft. I don’t know if I told you all this but he brought up the subject the other day. So I thought I would ask you.”

Pinehurst Golf CourseWith the exceptions of a few gated communities in our area it is not required that you have a membership if you want to own property in the Village of Pinehurst. There is a catch if you do want to be a member of the Pinehurst Country Club. You must be a property owner if you want to join the club.  The membership is attached to the property so if you are wanting a membership when you buy your property the cost of membership depends if there is an available membership to transfer.

If the property does not have an available membership to transfer than the cost to reinstate a membership or buy a new one is the only option. In the past Pinehurst Country Club has allowed new property owners to pay back dues plus the transfer fee which is currently $12,000, if there had previously been a membership attached to the property. They do not always offer that option and buying a new membership may be the only way to join if there isn’t a current transfer available and the cost at this time is $40,000. PLEASE NOTE THAT MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS HAVE CHANGED CONSIDERABLE SINCE I WROTE THIS IN 2011. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT 910-783-7993 OR CALL THE MEMBERSHIP OFFICE DIRECTLY FOR MORE INFORMATION.

The costs for membership transfer and purchase fees can vary. Also the monthly dues may change annually so check with Pinehurst CC to get the current fees. Their phone number is 910-235-8081.

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For more information about Pinehurst Country Club Membership and Pinehurst property and Pinehurst NC real estate click here.


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