Pinehurst Homes Sales through November 2010

by pinehursthomes on December 9, 2010

Pinehurst Real Estate Sales for November fairly flat… At least from the looks of this chart.

Pinehurst Homes Sales November 2010

As you can see by the chart the last 3 months looks like we are sitting on a bottom. I contend that it looks very similar to the top which was in my opinion August of 2006. Even though the Pinehurst real estate market of home sales peaked higher in July of 2007, the unit sales of homes had been steadily decreasing since August of the prior year.

This is a chart of the gross sales for each month running from Jan. 2006 through November of this year. What has me a bit concerned is that the past 5 months we’ve seen a decrease in unit sales from the same period last year. What has me encouraged is in the last 3 months we’ve seen average pricing increase due to finally moving some of the higher end inventory.

This chart of the Pinehurst area real estate homes sales includes Pinehurst and the entire Moore county area.

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