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by pinehursthomes on February 1, 2011

The Pinehurst area has many restaurants and if you want follow me on FourSquare you’ll see some of my favorites.

Pinehurst Area RestaurantThis blog actually came about because of the funny comments I’ve been getting from friends about all the restaurants I check in with using FourSquare. I thought why not write a blog about it and maybe you can follow along as I dine through the Pinehurst area. (believe it or not – I haven’t gained weight!)

Many are probably asking “what is foursquare”. This is a website and smart phone app for checking into different places and it is mostly just for fun and staying in touch with friends. Each time you check in you can tell foursquare to update other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Also, when you check in you get points, badges, and the person who most visits a particular location becomes the Mayor. Now I know some of you might think this is a bit silly. But it can be fun and it does help stay in touch with people. I get comments from friends frequently about my stops and it brings a little amusement to the day.

So if you want learn where the Pinehurst area restaurants are – follow me on FourSquare.

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