Pinehurst Area is a Great Place to Retire?

by pinehursthomes on January 15, 2011

The Pinehurst Area is a great place to retire.

Retire in PinehurstWhy? There are many reasons and the first one that most people think of is golfing. There are more than 40 golf courses in the area. Pinehurst Country Club itself has eight courses and there are three in Pinewild Country Club which is located in Pinehurst. There are also many other communities near Pinehurst with golf courses and country clubs. Search Pinehurst Area Golf Homes.

But golf isn’t the only reason. There are many reasons someone might choose a place to retire. Climate is often a concern. Pinehurst has a four season climate. The summers are warm from June through August and the fall and spring are fabulous. This winter we have been much colder than usual and have had more wintery precipitation than in previous years ( this year we have had 2 storms with about 4 inches of snow each-melted fast!). The winters are usually milder than this year and only lasts for 2-3 months.

Another big concern for those retiring is the cost of living. One of the most commonly asked questions is what are the property taxes. The taxes in the Pinehurst area are relatively low compared to other places. They are approximately $.80 on the $100 of assessed value. So a $200,000 house would have annual property taxes of $1,600 per year. Some communities have lower tax rates and some have slightly higher rates though none go over $.92 on the $100 of value. Another consideration is that some communities do have HOA dues and those vary depending on the location and amenities and most don’t exceed $1,000 annually unless it is a condo or townhouse.  There are homes available in all price ranges from the low $100K for condos with the average selling price of a home at around $250K. All things considered – the Pinehurst area has a lower cost of living than many other parts of the country.

Check back for more reasons why the Pinehurst area is a great place to live before and after you retire!

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