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by pinehursthomes on April 21, 2011

I don’t know too many homeowners in the Pinehurst Area that don’t love watching the birds and love having feeders and bird houses to attract their favorite variety.

Bird Watching in Pinehurst

Pinehurst Yellow Finches

There is such a variety of birds in the Pinehurst area that it becomes the hobby of many to watch and feed the different species in our area. I know many people that have feeders to attract specific birds and houses for certain varieties to nest in. I am more of a generic bird watcher and just enjoy seeing all the different species, specifically the cardinal and the yellow finch.

The two yellow finch in this photo were taken while I was showing a house in Pinehurst. I couldn’t get too close or I would scare them a way. So I’m sorry for the little bit of blurriness. The buyer I brought to this home ended up purchasing the house and this bird feeder has moved away now with the previous owner to his new home.

If you live in Pinehurst or plan on relocating here you will enjoy watching the variety of birds and if you already don’t – you will most likely pick up the hobby of watching and feeding the birds along with most Pinehurst area residents.

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