Pinehurst 2011 Golf Championship Schedule

by pinehursthomes on February 2, 2011

Here is the 2011 Golf Championships scheduled to play at Pinehurst this year.

Pinehusrt Golf CoursePinehurst resort and country club host several golf tournaments and championships every year.

Most of these tournaments have certain eligibility requirements. This depends on the tournament and who is running the event.

Even if you aren’t eligible to play in any tournaments you can come for a vacation and play some golf as well as watch some golf. If you live in the area – you could just come down to the course and check out the game play. Here’s the schedule:

  • 2011 Pinehurst Intercollegiate Golf Tournament on course #6 – March 10-13
  • 2100 Pinehurst Challenge golf Tournament (College of Charleston) on course #6 – April 3-5
  • 2011 Colonial Athletic Association Championship on course #6 – April 21-24
  • 111th Men’s North & South Championship on the Centennial course #8 and Pinehurst #2 – June 25-July 2
  • 33rd Junior North & South Championship on Centennial course #8 and courses #4 and #5 – July 11-14
  • 109th Women’s North & South Championship on Centennial course #8 and Pinehurst #2 – July18-23
  • U.S. Kids Golf Teen World Championship – courses to be announced – July 27-31
  • U.S. Kids Golf Parent/Child World Championship – courses to be announced – August 1
  • U.S.Kids golf World Championship – courses to be announced August 2-7
  • 60th Senior Men’s North & South Championship and 54th Senior Women’s North and South Championship – courses Centennial #8 and Pinehurst #2 and #5 – August 15-18
  • Acura College Alumni Team Championship on Centennial course #8 and Pinehurst #2
  • 64th Donald Ross Junior Championship on courses Pinehurst #2 #4 and #1 – December 27-30

For more details on each event you can call the resort at 920-235-8103

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Pinehurst does such a good job running these tournaments that as a resident it doesn’t get too congested or crowded. It is fun to see all the people, especially the kids, come out and participate in the Golf Championships at Pinehurst, NC.

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