PinehurstHomes is on Twitter – Are You?

by pinehursthomes on January 5, 2011

@Pinehursthomes is my Twitter name and I’ve been increasing my knowledge of how to use Twitter as to inform the public about the Pinehurst area as well as educate my self on the many ways of using social media marketing – Are you on Twitter?

PinehurstHomes on Twitter

Many are not on Twitter because they don’t get it or find it intimidating. Some are on but don’t use it effectively because they think it is all about posting a listing or a one liner out to the public. There are many out there who are more knowledgeable than me as to how to use twitter and I suggest you get online and just start exploring. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t listen to the people who tell ways to get lots of followers quickly. You don’t want just lots of followers – you want followers that care about what you have to say.
  • Follow only those that give content that you are interested in reading or engaging with. Following for the sake of following just wastes your time.
  • Engage with those that you follow. You can retweet posts that have content you want to share- you can reply directly on the tweet stream – and you can send direct messages to people that others can’t see
  • Look into using a platform other than twitter for following your different streams such as HootSuite and TweetDeck
  • Your tweets should have content that shares relevant information to your followers – have some tweets that are more personal – and some should be sharing others content through retweeting.
  • Use hash tags – words that begin with # – to follow along with a subject or event.

Some of the language may be foreign to some, and through exploring Twitter you will find that is isn’t that intimidating as you might think – And PinehurstHomes is happy to help so ask questions.

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