2012 Residential Real Estate Sales for the Village of Pinehurst

by pinehursthomes on January 19, 2013

Real estate sales for Pinehurst saw many improvements since the market slow down in 2008. The number of homes sold has increased and the available homes for sale have decreased. Prices are still under pressure, but homes are selling faster and should lead to prices improving over the next couple of years.

Pinehurst Golf No. 4

While living in Pinehurst you can enjoy views such as these on Pinehurst’s No. 4 golf course.  Following is a recap of home sales in the Village of Pinehurst for 2012:

There are many neighborhoods in Pinehurst and prices vary greatly depending on the neighborhood and whether or not the home is on a golf course of on Lake Pinehurst. Also, which golf course can also effect the price, especially if the home is located on Pinehurst No. 2! Real estate in Pinehurst is affordable for most anyone’s price range!


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